Michelle’s approach to bodywork includes a unique combination of Thai Massage and Clinical Somatics. Depending on the client's needs or wishes, one modality may be focused on in a session, or a combination

may be applied.

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• Thai Massage •
Sessions - $75 1hr | $95 1.5hr

Also known as Nuad Boran, which translates into English as ‘ancient healing or sacred medicine’, Thai Massage is an ancient healing art that combines yoga, massage, and energy work. Thai massage uses a wide range of techniques including acupressure, fascial stretching, joint mobilization, tissue compression, soft tissue manipulation, energy balancing, and assisted yoga postures to facilitate deep relaxation, energy flow and a sense of well-being. Traditionally given on a floor mat. Please wear comfortable clothing.

• Clinical Somatics •

*In person and online Somatic sessions available

Sessions - $75 1hr 

The goal of Clinical Somatics is to help people learn how to regain conscious control of their musculature through hands-on techniques of pandiculation (an active process of shortening and lengthening muscles) as well as specific remedial exercise that can be performed at home.

The way we unconsciously respond to our day to day living, accidents, injuries, surgeries, illness, repetitive movement, and stress can create patterns of muscle tension that lead to muscle stiffness, chronic pain and loss of mobility. When muscles lose their ability to relax and the brain loses sensation and voluntary control of the muscle, this is called  ‘sensory motor amnesia’ (Thomas Hanna).


Somatics is a series of gentle movements that educates the individual to restore nervous system control, awareness, and freedom of movement. Somatics can often help relieve health complaints associated with muscle pattern stiffness including headaches, stiff or painful joints and muscles, fatigue, poor posture, breathing problems, back pain and repetitive use/stress injuries. Sessions include an initial intake.

-Michelle studies Clinical Somatic Education at Applied Somatics Institute, Duncan BC