Gentle Yoga Practice w/ Themes

 Join Tamara once a month to delve deeply into yourself through the exploration of asana, the breath and relaxation. Learn to focus inward and become connected to your true nature of pure consciousness and love. The practice will have a theme that coincides with the current energetic happenings of the individual and collective. Inspired by nature and cosmic cycles.

Sunday 9:30-11:15

$25 Email to register


Gentle Somatics & Restorative Yoga 

Enjoy time to pause, slow down and deeply nourish your mind and body. Gentle Hanna somatic movement encourages sensing from within in order to become aware of and release habitual patterns of muscle tension. A seamless transition into the inward exploration of longer held, supported restorative poses to unwind, replenish and calm your nervous system.

Sunday, December 1st 3-5pm 


Investment: $25 with a non-perishable food donation or new, small winter


clothing item (gloves, socks, scarves appreciated!) 


$30 without donation

Email Michelle to register :

or call /text 250-732-8161

Mythos of the Wise Wombyn Witch:

with Nikki Manzie

These workshops are an opportunity to explore the mythos of female archetype of the Witch. In Ukrainian, the word "Vedma" translates as both Witch as well as Wise Wombyn. Through storytelling, dialogue, energy, movement, breath, creativity, and guided journeys, we reclaim the power of seasonal Witches. 

$35 for Apprentices/ $45 for others; 1-4pm

email Nikki to register:

min 3/ max 7 ppl

   Dec 21~ Winter Witch/ Death Crone: reclaiming the power of release, endings,          rest, and the gift of giving death.  

   Mar 21 ~ Spring Witch/Flower Maiden: Reclaiming Intuition, sensuality, and the        rise of fertile power.

   June 20 ~ Summer Witch/ Mother Maturation: Reclaiming womb power, ripeness,       and the fairytale of our birth stories.

   Sep 19 ~ Autumn Witch/ Elder Crone: Reclaiming the power of meno-change,             owning our wisdom, and initiating as elders.



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